Council bans photography at Consultation events

Luton Borough Council/LLAL has banned the public from taking photographs at the Airport Consultation events.   After Stoplae asked the question why at the Whitwell Consultation we were told that the highly paid consultants did not want to be identified.

We fully understand the consultant’s reluctance to be publicly associated with the council’s reckless expansion plans, as that could damage their careers, and that they are only attending the events for the money.

It has become very apparent that 90% of those attending consultation events have been opposed to any form of expansion.  Those attending also expressed concerns that questions were not being answered in a satisfactory manner and that the events were a waste of time as they felt they were being ignored. 

We would still urge all communities to visit the consultations for no other reason than to express your concerns in person,  to see the blight Luton Borough Council is proposing that will affect your communities and express your opposition to the expansion plans.

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