Future Luton – Boycott

Local community groups have been invited to attend “Future Luton” a “local stakeholder workshop” with regards to the proposed development of London Luton Airport.  This workshop is part of the requirements of the Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017, which require the preparation of an Environmental Statement which includes assessing the effects of the airport on human health and communities.

The workshop should include discussions about how the existing airport affects community resources, such as parks and public open spaces, and also to seek how local communities and groups of people are affected and could be affected by any proposed airport expansion. 

Friends of Wigmore Park, Stop Luton Airport Expansion and LADACAN though all invited, have taken the decision to decline attending and boycott the “Future Luton” workshop.

The following letter, submitted jointly by Friends of the Earth and Luton Friends of Parks and Green Spaces, aptly summarises all our views, and they too will boycott the “Future Luton” workshop as a result. 

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