Letter sent to Luton News – 1st May 2019

You can’t have missed the Attenborough climate programme, the protesters worldwide of all ages and backgrounds, and the meeting of Nobel Peace nominee Greta Thunberg with all party leaders except Theresa May.

Scientists are expressing desperation with our politicians. We have 11 years to come together and work hard to prevent irreversible climate change which will otherwise destroy humanity and wildlife.  We must make big cuts in fossil fuel use.  In attending a climate conference on Saturday and everyone was worried at the short time we have to change behaviour.

Flying is the biggest single cause of climate change. Luton Airport is the fastest growing cause of climate change in the UK, and we are the fourth most congested town. 

Nationally, Labour has declared a climate emergency. Locally, Luton Council, which owns the airport, is ignoring this.  Having doubled flights and traffic jams in the last 5 years, yet done nothing to cut toxic fumes, it wants to double flights again by destroying the wildlife haven of Wigmore Park.  Most of Luton sits in a valley which traps pollution.

Please look at http://www.stoplae.org.

If you want today’s children not to suffer the results of catastrophic climate change, or die young from serious air pollution, please do not support the ruling party in Luton, which is no longer Labour but a corporate destroyer.

It is frequent flyers who are causing the most damage, and the rest of us are subsidising them to do so.  Half of us never fly.  We urgently need a frequent flyer tax to deter this abuse.  Meanwhile, please have a flight-free 2019.  Either explore the UK’s fantastic coasts, rivers, lakes, mountains and historic towns, or travel to Europe by train, as Greta did from Sweden to London.

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