Local Election Update

Luton Council has been sent a wakeup call that residents in the east of Luton do not want to see the airport expanded.  

The ruling party who are pushing for airport expansion did not win a single seat in the 3 wards closest to the airport.  

Their night was further ruined by the Deputy Chairman of the airport (who was one of the biggest supporters of airport expansion) losing his seat when his vote was decimated by angry residents fed up with a Council that does not listen.  

The voters have sent a clear message that airport expansion, which will mean more noise, more pollution, more traffic, more aircraft and the loss of one of Luton’s biggest parks which has County Wildlife Status, is unacceptable.  

A more profound message was sent by the voters of Uttlesford District Council (UDC), which covers Stansted Airport. Here The five members of the Council’s Planning Committee who voted in favour of the Stansted Airport planning application last November are no longer councillors, whereas the five who voted against were all re-elected, Press Release 6th May.

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