Local News Items – to 2020


Travel Weekly 9 December,  https://www.travelweekly.co.uk/articles/395076/manchester-airports-group-reports-significant-loss-due-to-covid-crisis

Simple Flying 8 December, https://simpleflying.com/ryanair-easyjet-wizz-merger/

ShareCast 7 December,   https://www.sharecast.com/news/broker-recommendations/hsbc-downgrades-wizz-air-to-hold-on-valuation-grounds–7739148.html

Luton Today 24 November, https://www.lutontoday.co.uk/news/transport/luton-airport-expansion-seems-pretty-distant-dream-says-councillor-air-quality-report-resurfaces-3045744

HertsLive 18 November, https://www.hertfordshiremercury.co.uk/news/hertfordshire-news/luton-airport-residents-share-miserable-4711727

Airports International 13 November, https://airportsinternational.keypublishing.com/2020/11/10/london-luton-calls-for-financial-aid/

Published Luton News 24 September, Letter

Luton Today 21 September, https://www.lutontoday.co.uk/news/transport/tackling-lutons-poor-air-quality-key-part-councils-local-transport-plan-2978613?fbclid=IwAR3erV8w1eq9qllMKYpOz8_d_xXH6XQuQXX-ox4xCkel8eWXiBn4mE1g-J0

Luton Today 14 September, https://www.lutontoday.co.uk/business/consumer/august-passenger-numbers-london-luton-airport-down-56-2971151

Luton Today 18 August, https://www.lutontoday.co.uk/news/politics/immature-misleading-and-worst-form-politics-council-hits-back-lib-dems-over-luton-airport-finance-2946230

Luton Today 17 August, https://www.lutontoday.co.uk/news/transport/ps60m-loan-luton-airport-company-would-bring-total-it-owes-council-nearly-ps400m-2944478

Luton Today 29 July,  https://www.lutontoday.co.uk/news/politics/full-extent-councils-dependence-luton-airport-income-laid-bare-executive-report-2927254

Press Release 27 April, Stop Stansted Airport Expansion – A Time To Be Magnanimous

Luton Today 2 April, https://www.lutontoday.co.uk/health/coronavirus-could-blow-ps35m-hole-luton-borough-councils-budget-2527381

Herts Advertiser 21 March, Coronavirus crisis: London Luton Airport reveals what action it is taking to survive

Luton Today 4 March, Does Heathrow Judgement Spell Doom for Airport Expansion?

Press Release 28 February, Stop Stansted Airport Expansion

Press Release 24 February, Stop Stansted Airport Expansion –

Luton Today 28 January – Luton named worst black spot

Press Release 25 January, Stop Stansted Airport Expansion – Calls upon Manchester Airports Group to Respect Uttlesford Councils Decision

Press Release 13 January Stop Stansted Airport Expansion- Urges Council, Don’t Jump the Gun

Luton Liberal Democrats 10 January – The airport caused the problem –the airport should pay for the solution!!

Herts Advertiser 8 January – Expansion criticised after air quality report


Bim Afolami MP 13 November – Letter to Residents

Herts Advertiser 23 November – Expansion Proposals Raise Concerns

Press Release 9 November – LADCAN, LBC seeks to Sugar-Coat its Plan for ‘Environmental Disaster’

Press Release 4 November – Stop Stansted Airport Expansion, Communities Call for Moratorium on Airport Expansion

Press Release 19 October – Stop Stansted Airport Expansion Growth Goes off The Boil

BBC News 16 Oct – Luton airport expansion ‘reckless and irresponsible’

Hertfordshire Council 16 October – Response to Luton Airport Expansion Consultation

Herts Advertiser 19 August – St Albans residents call for action on noise from Luton Airport

St Albans Conservatives 16 AugustSt Albans residents must have their voices heard on Luton noise

Press Release 5th August – Stop Stansted Airport Expansion Climate Change – Deeds Must now match words

Press Release 30 June – Stop Stansted Airport Expansion (Planning Application Referred Back)

Press Release 26 June – British Medical Journal, The Harms to Health caused by Aviation Noise


Press Release 29th May – Bim Afolami MP

Press Release 21st May – Lib Dems refuse places on LLAL Board

Complaint concerning – Cllr Mark Rivers

To relax night flight restriction – Planning Application 19/00428/EIA

Luton May Election – Update

Press Release 6th May – Stop Stansted Airport Expansion Election update (Uttlesford Council)

Letter by SLAE Member in Luton News – April 2019

Liberal Democrat Directors Resign from London Luton Airport Ltd Board

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