London Luton Airport Ltd (LLAL) is wholly owned by Luton Borough Council.  This year they jointly announced their intention to look at ways to expand the airport from its present capacity of 18 million passengers per year, up to a possible 38 million passengers per year. At the moment (October 2018) the airport is being used by just over 16 million passengers per year.

In June 2018, LLAL and the council put forward four proposals to be considered in a consultation, which is now closed. Three proposals involve the destruction of Wigmore Valley Park, which contains a County Wildlife Site and is one of the town’s major parks and wildlife areas. The fourth option involves expanding the airport south of the runway.


Initially LLAL claimed there were no plans to expand the airport even going as far as putting in a planning application in 2017 for a business park on the same site. LLAL are now seeking full planning permission for its new dual carriageway that would serve a second terminal on Wigmore Valley Park.

Masterplan 2017

A Satellite view shows the preferred location to expand the airport. A new terminal served by aprons and taxiways plus a new road network, a DART rail link and car parks would destroy one of Luton’s last green areas.


Full details of the terminal 2 expansion plans which would increase congestion, noise, pollution and destroy Wigmore Park can be viewed on the LLAL website