UK’s Worst Airport

Year after year, the town’s airport is voted the UK’s worst airport in the annual Which passenger survey.  The Guardian has carried the headline “‘Penny-pinching’ Bedfordshire hub receives lowest ever score in annual poll of passengers carried out by Which?”

The shame to the town doesn’t end there.  Last year the Daily Express reported that Luton had been voted the 5th worst airport in the entire world:

So why is this?

A spokesman for London Luton Airport Operations Ltd (LLAOL), who hold the franchise, spoke to SLAE representatives about its tatty terminal (shown above).   “Put it this way, if you rent a house you are not going to spend money on it doing it up, and the same applies to the terminal that we rent”, he said.

Despite the terminal extension being allegedly finished at Christmas (over a year late), and despite the fact that the builders are now gone, the terminal is still covered in hoardings, the ceilings in the new build have been abandoned to save money, and broken floor tiles litter the floors.  The materials used for the construction are of poor quality and plasterboard walls are already covered in scuff marks, as no protection was put in place.

Asked the same question regarding the lack of ceilings and the terminal’s abysmal appearance that shows every pipe, cable, conduit and heating duct, LLAL chairman Councillor Andy Malcolm and Deputy Council Leader Sian Timoney both claimed, when pressed, that they actually liked the look and claimed the terminal looked industrial.

We have heard that the council hope that either the existing franchise holder or a new franchise holder will take on the project to expand the airport.  As can already be seen the council is setting itself up for another cheap “bodge job”, but with residents’ fears about how penny pinching will affect the safe removal of the council’s own toxic tip, local people are right to be worried.  

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