New Name – But Same Old Story

A change of strategy for London Luton Airport Ltd would clearly be advantageous to the Director’s since the company’s reputation for financial mismanagement knows no bounds.  The company has left Luton Council Taxpayers reeling because they own an airport with over half a billion pounds of debt.

That strategy has been revealed with the decision to change the name of London Luton Airport Ltd in favour of Luton Rising.  Apart from a name change nothing else has changed.  

However, the company is now pretending that it wants to be green, despite continuing to follow its existing policies.  Those policies include nearly doubling passengers and aircraft movements and destroying a much-loved major Luton public park, a County Wildlife Site and farmland.

Luton Rising chairwoman, Cllr Javeria Hussain, said: “We are more than an airport, the new name would express that Luton Airport was unlike any other major airport in the country, we are wholly community-owned”.

We would like to know why the community is then always ignored and why do the airport directors, who are all serving councillors, always hold their meetings in secret with no published minutes despite it being part of the Council?

Luton Rising chief executive Graham Olver said: “We are not so much a business as a movement”

Well, we can certainly agree with Mr Olver on that point.

Can we suggest a new logo for this new green movement?

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