A Cat Born in a Stable is still a Cat

We are sure you’ve all heard this saying, no matter what you call something, its inherent DNA will always show through.

Well, we have just received an e-mail saying that Luton Borough Council’s airport company London Luton Airport Ltd (LLAL), has been rebranded to Luton Rising. 

Apparently, we couldn’t tell the difference between it, and the Airport Operating Concessionaire, London Luton Airport Operations Ltd (LLAOL).  Who would have thought that an O could cause so much confusion?  Or be so expensive? (A complete reorder of stationery and publicity will of course now be required.)  But when the ratepayer is picking up the bill yet again, why worry about a few more thousands on to the debt mountain?

In a propaganda exercise that would rank in the Top 10 of World Smoke and Mirrors magazine, and certain late World War II Masters of the Art would be proud of, you dear reader are expected to believe that, with apologies to Bryan Adams: “everything we do, we do it for you”. (for those of a younger age, Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, Kevin Costner, 1991).

Here is the link to this new glossy website, have a read and come to your own decisions on the subject:- https://lutonrising.org.uk/

All we will say on the subject is, look at the ranking of what is most important: –

The Airport — it has to be, because of the debt mountain it has grown, which has to be paid off somehow (when is the question?), but it will all have to be found.

The Community — what could the millions spent on DART and the DCO have done for communities far and wide? What about those communities whose health and quality of life is daily affected by the pre-COVID expansion-at-all-costs mantra of both LLAL and LLAOL? Communities that can’t even get noise insulation grants as the scheme doesn’t cover all areas, just the chosen few.

The Planet — last as usual when it comes to LLAL, sorry LR, plans. When developments start in 2040-2045 on the actual Terminal 2 project, it will be strictly Green Controlled Growth only. 

In the intervening nineteen years, it will be fill your boots with old current engine option aircraft and hordes of passengers in any cars they care to use, as car parking is a key income generator so cannot be overlooked.  Once again apologies to Queen and Mr Mercury, “DART AHHA Saviour of the Universe” (Flash Gordon, Sam Jones, 1980), will supposedly be a “game changer” in getting passengers out of cars and onto public transport, but just in case, the plan is to double airport car parking onto Wigmore Valley Park.  

When challenged on this at a Consultative Committee Meeting, a member of the LLAOL Surface Access Team justified this by saying they don’t have as much as other London Airports, so it is acceptable.

Global temperatures RISING

Global sea levels RISING

Loss of flora and fauna RISING

In work poverty in Luton RISING

Airport related noise and air pollution RISING

The intrusion into the quality of local community life RISING

But all that matters is the rising debts and destructive plans of LUTON RISING

We opened with a saying, we will close with one:-

The cream always rises to the top, but when you partake of your daily ablutions, something far less savoury also floats,

So is LUTON RISING the cream or the **** ??

Stop Luton Airport Expansion

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