Airport Expansion in Percentages

The consultation documents for Luton Airport expansion give the numerical breakdown of how the airport will grow to the end of the project.

The only part of the documents that detail that growth by a percentage, is the section about the replacement for Wigmore Valley Park (WVP), which the documents state will be at least 10% bigger.

What they don’t say is that the land for the replacement park is already open public access space. Indeed, many have been enjoying the arable field that borders WVP to the East during these strange times we find ourselves in. There are many well-worn paths and trails to be seen across and around the land.

Let’s now look at the percentage growth for the airport expansion itself. These figures show the current availability, and the figures at the end of the full expansion.

Busy Hour Rate for Departing Passengers within the Terminals3,610 will grow to 6,610 +83%
Passengers per annum18,000,000 will grow to 32,000,000+77%
Aircraft Parking Stands41 will grow to 88+114%
Terminal AreaApproximately 100,000 m2 will grow to approximately 230000m2+130%
Apron Areas including Taxiways418,000 m2 will grow to 742,000 m2+77%
Passenger Car Parking Provision9,900 spaces will grow to 15,400+55%

The green space proposed as a replacement for Wigmore Valley Park is intended to help promote health and wellbeing. 

However, the proposed airport infrastructure and operations will produce pollution and noise which will, in percentage terms be so great, that any positive benefits from the meagre minimum 10% increase in green space, will be lost completely.

 This is why we must Stop Luton Airport Expansion

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