Council cutbacks to fund Terminal 2 access routes

Stoplae has been reading the latest horrifying minutes of the Luton Airport Enterprise Zone Board Committee Meeting.  The minutes state that Luton Borough Council has admitted that £4 million of additional savings each year will have to be made to fund the interest payments for the first phase of the link road from New Airport Way to the boundary of the proposed second terminal and the duelling of Vauxhall Way. 

The dualling is required due to expected increased traffic volumes the terminal is expected to generate.

The latest cutbacks to public services are due to the rising costs of the two road schemes which is now estimated at £175 million.  This is money the council does not have so will have to borrow. This is on top of the £225million bill to build the Dart Rail Link, £40million for preparing the paperwork for a Development Consent Order and £6 million for other works being funded at Luton Airport Parkway by council loans to LLAL.  The estimated bill for existing agreed funding and expected funding now sits at £446million in council loans to LLAL and directly funded airport related council projects.

Once again it is the council tax payer who can look forward to further cuts in services while at the same time the council increases council taxes by the maximum figures allowed.

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