Council T4 Hypocrisy – Residents “Stay at Home” but 90 flights for Holiday Makers

On December 19th 2020 the Government announced Tier 4 restrictions banning all foreign travel unless for essential business reasons.  This was on top of Tier 1-3 restrictions which only allows travel in travel corridors without quarantine. With only a handful of destinations available worldwide (and most of those not available from Luton), we were expecting an empty airport with most flights cancelled.

On December 20th 2020 the Council Leader wrote to residents reminding them of the Law and the need to stay home, while on that very day the Council-owned airport had an estimated 90 flights for those holidaymakers and travellers who decided the Law did not apply to them.

It appears the Council has chosen to turn a blind eye and make money out of the current situation instead, absolving in their responsibilities and demonstrating the double standards of Luton Borough Council in the process.

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