COVID Peace Garden Orchard

In December 2021 the first COVID Peace Garden Orchard was planted in Luton in memory of the 700+ residents of Luton who had died of COVID.

Sujel Miah from the Luton Council of Faiths opened the planting day project with a short, very moving service.  Many families who had lost loved ones, the Luton Council of Faiths, members of Friends of Wigmore Park, along with back up from Luton Council Parks and Countryside Department’s horticultural personnel, set about planting 75 semi-mature fruit trees, and some saplings. The trees were set in concentric circles, a design created by  Orchard Specialist Sally Wileman.

Beyond the wooded area at the far end of the orchard a further 150 mixed type saplings were planted in a horseshoe formation.

Maintenance of the new trees will be shared by the Parks Department, Luton Council of Faiths and Friends of  Wigmore Park.

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