Green Airport Growth?

Whilst researching on the internet for material of interest to SLAE, we came across this group:

As the web site says they are a volunteer group for local climate action, whose aim is to connect local communities, councils and companies who share a goal of a carbon zero future.   The local to you choice gives a nationwide view of which local authorities have pledged to take action, and the CO2 levels that are in each authority area.

Luton Borough Council has declared a Climate Emergency, and has pledged for the town to be Carbon Neutral by 2040, ten years ahead of Central Government targets. With a figure for CO2 tonnes per square kilometre of 14,500, we have to wish them well in that pursuit.    

Compare Luton with its neighbouring authority, Central Bedfordshire. Luton had a population in 2019 of circa 218,000, Central Bedfordshire 286,000, yet the CO2 figure for Central Beds is just 1,811 tonnes. Both have major roads and railways running through them, both have manufacturing and industry, and Central Beds covers a much bigger land footprint. Luton, of course, has one other huge asset in regards pollution of all types, its international airport.

These figures would appear to show that the new mantra of Luton Borough Council/London Luton Airport Ltd, “green growth only” with regard to its ongoing airport expansion plans, is about as achievable as designing an efficient chocolate teapot?  

The source data for these figures is the BEIS Local Authority territorial CO2 emissions within the scope of influence of Local Authorities (2018).  Luton Borough Council has decided that the airport is outside their scope of influence, surely if they are determined to cut CO2 in Luton as the owner of the airport, it has to be included?    

If this massive discrepancy in pollution figures is attributable to anything other than the airport, we and many others would be pleased to see exactly what is causing it, as finding  and curtailing it is the only way Luton will achieve Carbon Neutrality by its 2040 target?    

Reach Carbon Neutral by 2040 – Stop Luton Airport Expansion

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