Holidaymakers to flout the Law

Council Leader Hazel Simmons has told residents how important it is for everyone to obey government Covid 19 restrictions, which include essential travel only in an attempt to help save lives.   

This plea hasn’t stopped the council-owned airport reopening its terminal for the start of the summer holiday season.  From May 1st holidaymakers can fly Wizz Air to places like Tenerife, Cyprus, Portugal and Black Sea resorts, which is very handy for those with holiday homes abroad.   

Also, with the airport reopening, this will allow many Eastern European nationals both living abroad and in the UK to travel and stay with friends and family again, despite the lockdown.  With Luton reopening, those that want to follow government guidelines will not be able to get refunds if the flights depart without them, so putting pressure on them to travel regardless.  

We have to ask the Council Leader how travelling many miles to Luton Airport for a holiday abroad can be regarded as essential travel, when hundreds of people are dying daily?   It seems it might be when the Council is losing millions on its airport but Council officials will never admit it.

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