Let Sleeping Refuse Lie  

Whilst enjoying the summer delights of the glorious Wigmore Valley Park, (the site for airport expansion, which will require huge earthworks and excavations of the unregulated ex Council waste tip that lies beneath), a SLAE member was taking in the beauty of the orchids, the symphonies of melodious birdsong and the muntjac deer grazing in the bushes.

On the western edge of the park they spied three vehicles on the edge of The County Wildlife Site.  

The logo on the lead vehicle was for Sanctus Remediation. Curious as to what this company did they consulted Mr Google and found their website :-   https://www.sanctusltd.co.uk/ . This website has a section called Case Studies. Here they detail the works they have done throughout the UK.

The Green Book section is very impressive; the environmental enhancements shown are beautiful natural spaces.  

The Brown Book however paints a frighteningly different picture. This details their works on industrial sites, and quite frankly is horrific if you are a resident who live in East Luton.  

Of course there could be a simple explanation for their visit, for example the large blue pots to cover the gas monitors installed in the park several years ago are degrading badly, and indeed new black pots have appeared in some areas, so it could be hopefully be just a simple renewal of those?  

If however it is just another part of the Luton Rising/Luton Borough Council plans to destroy our national award winning park and county wildlife site, then the images shown in The Brown Book should convince any who still thinks concreting the park is a good thing, for their quality of life for the years planned to develop Terminal 2, it really is not?  

Stop Luton Airport Expansion   

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