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SwissInfo 24 November – Voters in Geneva have backed a local initiative calling for controlled development of the airport. According to initial results, 55.81% of voters said “yes” on Sunday to the constitutional initiative calling for the “democratic piloting of Geneva Airport”.  They want the airport to be inscribed in the local constitution as a fully state-controlled public asset, like the Geneva public transport system (TPG) or local power company, Services industriels de Genève.  They also propose that environmental issues become a higher priority and the authorities take suitable measures to limit noise and air pollution and CO2 emissions linked to the airport. 

13/11/2019 -BBC Sounds – Michael Morpurgo: What Makes Us Human?

15/10/2019 – Luton News – Destruction of our Culture

14/08/2019 – Buying Business Travel – Shapps Hints at Heathrow Expansion Doubts

27/07/2019 – The BBC, The Bottom Line – The Future of Commercial Aviation

28/06/2019 – The Times –

7/05/2019 Scottish govt scraps cut in air tax because of climate change concerns –

3/04/2019 – Herts Advertiser – Access Road will destroy County Wildlife Site

2/04/2019 – BBC Business – Ryan Air, one of Europes top polluters

April 2019 – The BBC – Youth Climate Strikers

19/03/2019 – The BBC –Pupils’ bags to monitor toxic air levels

29/03/2019 – The Independent – Labour Declare Environmental Emergency

28/03/2019 – Guardian – Wow Air Cease Trading

15/03/2019 – Luton Today – Luton School Pupils join in Climate Change Protests

6/03/2019 – Herts Ad – Council fears Luton Airport Expansion

05/02/19 – The Guardian – UK Parents Unaware of damage from Air pollution

26/11/18 – ITV News –

22/11/18 – World Health Organisation –

22/11/18 – The Guardian –

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