Mass Murder at Wigmore Park

On Monday 11th October * the Council’s Executive will vote to sign a death warrant to at least 16.5 million living creatures that reside on the County Wildlife Site (CWS) at Wigmore Valley park (WVP).  This number represents 1.5 times the human population of London. 

The Executive will vote to allow their company, London Luton Airport Limited (LLAL) the lease to expand the airport and build car parks, a terminal and aircraft aprons.  Most likely they will vote in private using the Local Government Act of 1972 to hide their decision from public view. 

Now that Climate Change has been proven to be caused by human activity, why are 10 councillors deciding the fate of millions of living things. If it’s for human economic and job reasons and to eradicate poverty in Luton by 2040 then they are sacrificing the life support systems of all life forms, which at 16.5 million is at least 80 times more than Luton’s human population.  This includes at least 30 different species of trees (with each tree supporting between 21 to 284 insect species), animals such as deer, foxes, mice, frogs and toads, birds including red kites, kestrels, finches and woodpeckers, and other living life such as worms, butterflies, grass, fauna, fungi all using this area as their critical life support system.

This vote, seemly innocuous, adds to the increase of Climate Change, decreases our natural world and makes a mockery of any council green agenda.   I urge you to contact these councillors explaining the value of all life, not to impose their right on other life forms and to connect to nature not pound notes, Hazel Simmons, Khtija Malik, Abbas Hussain, Robert Roche, Javed Hussain,  Tahmina Saleem,  Aslam Khan, Tom Shaw, Andrew Malcolm, Sian Timoney, none of whom live near the CWS or the park.

  • Update this Item has been deferred again to the 8th November

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