Luton Airport Terminal Floods

In the light of the dramatic weather conditions of the last few days that could be attributed to global warming, and with the recent flooding of Luton Airport, we at Stop Luton Airport Expansion are waiting to see what Luton Borough Council is going to do to try to reduce our impact on the climate.  We might be waiting for a very long time! And : YouTube video

In recent weeks, Luton’s neighbouring councils have all been declaring that we have a climate emergency.  For example:

St Albans councillors voted unanimously for this declaration on 10th July 2019:

And the whole of Hertfordshire agreed the same thing a few days later:

But has Luton declared a climate emergency?  No.  That wouldn’t by any chance be because the council owns an airport,would it?  An airport that it wants to expand hugely? When the Borough Council debated the issue at the end of July, they decided NOT to declare a climate emergency.

However, it is not all negative ….

The Borough Council DID decide to investigate further, and says that it will “take urgent action” where needed.  We are still waiting to see what exactly this will mean, time will tell. If you believe also what many are now saying about global warming, time is a luxury we simply don’t have.

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