No Social Distancing on DART Construction Site and what happened to the cameras?

Disturbing photographs have emerged of the construction practices of the Council-funded £225 million Dart project to link the existing terminal at Luton Airport with the airport’s railway station (which is 2.2 km away) via a mass transit system.

The photographs, which were taken at the two station sites at either end of the track, show workers disregarding social distancing rules despite the Health and Safety Executive stating that they will shut sites and issue fines for Covid 19 rule breaches.

It is ironic that breaches can be reported to not only the HSE but also to the local authority.  The local authority, of course, just happens to be Luton Borough Council who are paying for the work via its airport company LLAL.

As a socially responsible group we reported these breaches to Luton Borough Council and the HSE via our sister group Friends of Wigmore Park.  We were then contacted by the Programme Delivery Director for London Luton Airport Ltd, who informed us that work was halted before being restarted with new measures put in place although we have since received an email from a third party denying any suspension took place.

Since the restarting of the construction, all the time lapse cameras provided for LLAL’s use by a third party and that the public can view are now not working.   We have been told this is purely a coincidence but seeing that all the cameras have gone off-line simultaneously and that we used images from these cameras for our complaint we are left wondering what is now being hidden from public viewing and whether the switched off was deliberate to hide further breaches?

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