Our Precious Green Space

During the pandemic, we have all become increasingly aware of just how much we need Nature.  It helps to protect both our mental and physical health, allows us to exercise safely, makes social distancing easier, and has simply become a lifeline to so many of us.

Friends of the Earth (nationally) have been looking at the good quality green space that is available to everyone.  Unsurprisingly, they have found that there’s just not enough green space for our needs, and – even more importantly – access to these precious places is unequal.

The UK is made up of millions of hectares.  So, it’s shocking to think that, according to Friends of the Earth, Luton has just 17 square metres of public space per person – much lower than the World Health Organization’s recommended 50 square metres.

We know that across the UK, Black and Minority ethnic communities have fewer opportunities to access quality green space.  Luton has a racially diverse population and it is also a town with significant poverty and ill health.  Parks, woodland and other green spaces have proven links to boosting our mood, immunity and fitness, regardless of social circumstances. 

Here in Wigmore we are blessed.  We have a superb park with an amazing range of habitats.  A part of our park is a County Wildlife site and we all know just how much the area is loved and used by local people.

So, given all of the above, it is so very hard to believe that the Borough Council is STILL persisting with plans to create a second airport terminal on our park.

So, here’s a special plea from the heart.  We need our park for our physical and mental health.  When Nature thrives, then so does the planet.  Please don’t destroy this precious resource.

Stop Luton Airport Expansion

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