The Climate Emergency – recent media extracts selected by our members

Transport & Environment, 19 November:

Ecologist 29 August: Climate Change increasing the number of floods in the UK –, 19 August :

‘This report will change your life’

This is a key sentence. There should be NO FURTHER EXPANSION AT LUTON OR ANYWHERE ELSE unless they can show emissions per flight have been reduced.
Also Airline emissions will need offsetting”.  The CCC target includes “flying and shipping and all greenhouse gases, and allows no offsetting of emissions abroad”. 

Listen to Jeremy Corbyn’s speech on Climate Change 1st May.  He particularly mentions that airport emissions are one of the major problems faced in this country :

Link to Greta Thunberg’s Facebook page :

‘Do it now’: UK must set zero-carbon target for 2050, say official advisers :

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) published their report focusing on how the UK can reduce it’s international aviation emissions :

The CCC’s NET ZERO report, published, which overrides everything else.
It’s the next big step after the IPCC report last October.

Text of Greta’s speech to MPs

From YouTube

Rupert Read on behalf of XR – brilliant in this politics programme

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