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Stop Luton Airport Expansion (SLAE)  has been formed by members of the steering committee of local campaign group, Friends Of Wigmore Park. 

After London Luton Airport Ltd (LLAL), announced their vision for sustainable growth 2020 to 2050, which would see an increase from the current limit of 18 million passengers increasing to 38 million passengers per year, it was realised that the proposed plans for airport expansion would as a result, see substantial negative impacts to both the local environment and surrounding countryside. 

Also the council would have to borrow substantial sums of money with no guarantee that they would recover the debt, while at the same time having to divert airport income that would normally pay for services, to cover interest payments on the loans they took out instead. 

 The current plans to double flight numbers would mean significant increases in both noise and air pollution, the long term health implications to local residents associated with air quality, and an increase in local traffic congestion, as well as the loss of a local park covering over 70 acres. 

The steering committee of Friends of Wigmore Park comprised of local residents decided to launch the S.L.A.E (Stop Luton Airport Expansion) campaign as a response.

Members of the committee are people who support all political parties, as does the membership of the Friends of Wigmore Park.  The group will not endorse any political party nor they will allow their candidates to promote their policies using either the SLAE or FoWP logo.  The group will criticise and highlight the policy of any of the political parties or the Luton Council where it is in opposition to the group’s aims, and similarly the group will continue to highlight polices adopted by candidates/parties who are in support of the group’s aims and objectives, for the benefit of its supporters. 

SLAE will make every effort to ensure that the content of the articles on the web site are factually correct. However, if you feel that we haven’t got it quite right, then please use our Contact Form to let us know what you believe is incorrect, and we will review your claim.   This may involve us asking you submit documentation to substantiate your view.

So within this web site you will not only discover the views and concerns of SLAE, but also information, articles and facts with regular updates on the proposed expansion plans, and how you too can help support our cause to Stop Luton Airport Expansion. 

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