Wigmore Valley Park – Now an Asset of Community Value

During the early part of 2019 both Offley Parish Council and Kings Warden Parish Council independently put in bids to have Wigmore Valley Park registered as an Asset of Community Value, as the Park will be subject to a planning application by LLAL’s owners, who are Luton Borough Council to expand Luton Airport.  

Assets of Community Value (ACVs) can only be nominated if they are of interest socially (such as for sport, culture or recreational uses) or increase the wellbeing of the community now and into the future.  

A community group (such as a society, parish council, neighbourhood forum, not for profit organisation or a group of at least 21 individuals) that is locally connected to the area can nominate an asset to the local authority.  

With no grounds for the applications to be refused Luton Borough Council has reluctantly granted both applications as they have been forced to admit that Wigmore Valley Park is important land that is a recognised community asset.  

While both Parish Councils can’t be expected to buy Wigmore Valley Park if it came on the market it will stop Luton Borough Council from selling the park to LLAL for a token sum.  

The granting of both these applications will also allow opponents of airport expansion to mention in their objections that the land has two Assets of Community Value’s served on it and that Luton Borough Council officially recognises that Wigmore Park is an important community asset.

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