Archived Articles

Commentary On LBC’s Financial Issues and Emergency Budget

As Coronavirus shatters Aviation – time to press the STOP button? — May2020

Council Puts Out Begging Bowl –April 2020

Airport Expansion in Percentages — April 2020

Blow to Council in Denial — March 2020

Austerity in Luton or where is all our money — Feb 2020

During COVID Lockdown

So what happened to the cameras? — April 2020

Multiple-self distancing breaches -a major concern at Luton Airport

Wizz Air suggest passengers are using Luton Airport to break Lockdown Rules

Luton Airport reopens so holidaymakers can flout The Law

Luton Council’s Hypocrisy

Commentary on LBC

Council in Turmoil over the cost of Terminal 2 Access Road — Feb 2020

Letter to Cllr Malcom Chair of LLA — Jan 2020

The Councils Little Secret — Dec 2019

Luton Council Tax Reduction Consultation Hypocrisy –Sept 2019

Luton’s £441 million Shopping List as detailed in Auditors Report 2017/18 – Sept 2019

Luton Residents to pay the costs for the ‘modern traveller’ — Aug 2019

Interim Expansion Plans – There is a Tender out to add 8 additional Stands — July 2019

Do you prefer the new Open Space? — July 2019

A6 Hypocrisy by LBC — May 2019

Council ignores “unprecedented numbers of objections” against road plan — April 2019

Audience Stunned by Councils Position — Feb 2019

Job Creation – The Dark Secret — Jan 2019

The DART Link – Who’s Paying? — Jan 2019

Airport Spending — Dec 2018

Consultation 2019

Airport Consultation or Airport Propaganda?

Council Cutbacks to fund Terminal 2 access road

Is the Growth In Demand for Air Travel — A Myth?

Something to hide?  Council bans photography at Consultation events

The Disturbing Impact of the Consultation – is LLAL interested in your Home?

Hertfordshire Commuters to suffer under Airport Expansion Plans

Expansion Plans Released

Consultation Process for Terminal 2

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