Luton Borough Council and Luton Rising are always quick off the mark to publicise any awards and accolades that come their way. That is of course because everything they do, and propose, is all about empowering local communities and saving the planet with their forward “Green Sky” thinking.

We therefore think it right to offer our congratulations on winning the Greenwasher of the Month award for February:

Against stiff competition, their world-leading approach to airport expansion was rightly heralded by the general public as the winner.

If only LBC could run the rest of Luton at the same award-winning levels as Luton Rising. 

In-work poverty, child poverty, crumbling infrastructure and diminishing services are all laid at the door of Central Government austerity cuts, not the debts of Luton Rising and its fantasy airport expansion plans.

Time to take off the green coloured glasses LBC and Stop Airport Expansion now.

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