Energy Crisis – What Crisis?

Anyone visiting Luton Airport won’t help but notice that the airport operator (LLAOL) appears to be doing nothing to cut energy consumption despite threats of widespread power outages due to the war in Ukraine.   The airport owner Luton Rising is no better with its ghost Dart stations lit up 24/7 that won’t open until at least the spring of 2023.

As seen in the photo, while pensioners freeze in their own homes, too frightened to switch on the heating, cash rich LLAOL is intent to carry on providing six energy guzzling electric heaters for its smoking passengers, whilst anyone standing more than a metre way doesn’t benefit as the heat is lost to the atmosphere.

It is about time LLAOL and Luton Rising start acting responsibly and start cutting back their energy consumption when asked to, by not only the energy industry, but also the government.

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