Luton based airline above the Law?

Luton based and registered airline Wizz Air UK is making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

There have been over 400 county court judgments against the airline, which the airline has refused to pay, by claiming it has no legal presence in Luton or the UK.  This, despite receiving millions of pounds from the UK government at the height of the coronavirus pandemic and receiving massive subsidies from Luton Borough Council to expand its activities at the airport.    

Money that could have been spent on social services, which have been cut to the bone.

Despite an investigation by the financial investigator Tony Hetherington for the Financial Mail, Wizz Air UK has refused to provide a single answer as to why it claims not to be subject to UK law. This, despite also entering into contracts with Luton Airport that have allowed it to receive money from the Council via a programme called a “super incentive scheme.” 

As most of the county court judgments involve passengers passing through Luton, maybe the investigator needs to speak to Luton Borough Council or the airport operator LLAOL and ask them why they are partners with an airline that refuses to follow UK laws.

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