Residents told to pay for airport parking problems. WE SAY NO WAY.

Residents of Vauxhall Park, a community close to Luton Airport, have been facing increasing issues of passengers parking their cars in residential streets while they head away to see family members in Eastern Europe or to go away on family holidays. 

The full price for a two week stay in the airports long term car park is £364 so passengers have been parking outside people’s homes to avoid eye watering costs, where the parking can cost many times the price of the air fare.

Luton Councils solution is to introduce a residents parking scheme where residents will have to pay for the privilege of parking in their own streets. They will also have to buy additional books of tickets for any visitors for a problem 100% created by the councils own airport.

Stoplae think this is grossly unfair and demand that the airport operator (LLAOL) or the airport owner (LLAL) fully fund the scheme.    London Luton Airport Ltd, which is fully owned by the council likes to talk about putting money back into the community from the profits it makes so we suggest they start with the airports closest community and do the right thing and pick up the bill rather than Luton Council exploiting the situation and seeing the residents of Vauxhall Park as an additional source of income.

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